About Xforum101


xforum101, a community website sharing social network, is a forum and idea sharing forum community where people can share and ask or answer and share those precious moments.

1. Users on xforum101 can subscribe to the forum, post messages, and ask questions.

2. The top of the page has a search section where visitors can look for relevant persons or tags.

3. To obtain more visibility, some popular posts will be chosen as Trending posts.

4. Users can like, comment on, and repost other things that interest them.


Users can assist others on the forum by offering their ideas.


1. In the social notifications column, users may see the most recent Likes, comments, and reposts.

2. In the system alerts column, users may see what’s new with xforum101.

3. On the Messages page, users can interact with those who have followed them back.

Personal Page

  1. 1. On the Personal page, users may see their previous posts, followers, and followers.
  2. 2. On the Personal page, users can adjust system settings.

About the Author

xforum101 is created by JULIUS SARINO on February 5, 2022. This is a personal website blog forum and no company affiliated included in this website.

for any verification and reference, Please email us @ xforum101@gmail.com or contact me at +639674490864